Monday, March 11, 2013

Muse Challenge #8

This week we have this exquisite card by Therese Calvird! Wow, lots to be inspired by here. The flower is stunning! The layout alone is a perfect element to consider when creating your card.

You're free to draw your inspiration from any of the elements of this week's Muse card. For example, design/layout, color combination, pattern, texture, image, style, embellishment and technique. Be creative and make a card that reflects your own personal style and flair.

Now here's your Monday Muse, Therese Calvird!
We can't wait to see your unique take on this week's card!

Here are the 3 simple rules:
  • Use the Muse card as inspiration, explain your interpretation and link back to Muse. 
  • Provide supportive comments to at least 3 of your fellow member’s submissions. 
  • Vote for 3 of your fellow member's submissions that you find inspiring.

IMPORTANT: Before you create and submit your card please read the Member Rules page.

The InLinkz will close and voting will begin at 12 noon EST on Saturday. Please don't forget to come back and vote for 3 of your fellow member's submissions. Voting ends on Sunday at 12 noon EST. The results of voting will be announced at 8:59 a.m. EST and our new challenge will begin at 9:00 a.m. EST on Monday.

If you missed the voting results for last week's challenge, please scroll down to the previous post. 

To play along add your cards to the InLinkz below.


  1. What a lovely card -- Therese is very talented!!

  2. Love this, Jackie! Hope to find time to play!

  3. Oh what a lovely card for the muse this week! I missed playing along last week, so I'm going to HAVE to make time this week! :)

  4. What a fantastic card! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Therese's videos on her Lost in Paper Blog are excellent..thanks Therese for this inspiration!

  6. I am really loving this blog and your challenges! Thanks so much!

  7. Just found your challenge today - a lovely inspiration card - I've just linked up mine - didn't want to miss the deadline!

  8. Thanks for your comments ladies! So happy to hear from you all!!!

  9. I almost didn't make it! What a lovely Muse this week and the gallery is beautiful!

  10. I got in just under the wire, but more importantly, found some fabulous cards that are providing lots of inspiration! I just wish I could vote for more than many great cards. thanks Muses!

  11. Well I missed the voting again. The email telling me voting was open didn't come through to me until today and I forgot yesterday.
    The emails always seem to be too late

    1. Hi Granmargaret, The email notifications are automatic and probably vary in what time they will arrive in your email inbox. If you go to our Facebook Page and like us, you will get updates there.

      Hopefully this will help to remind you in a more timely fashion. You can also add Muse to your favorite reader.